Dr. Malisos treats all of your child’s medical conditions. Circumcisions, Asthma care, Eczema treatment and everything in between is treated every day at Liberty Medical Center. Parents frequently choose our office because of the comprehensive care they receive. If you think your child has a broken arm, we can x-ray your child and apply a cast in the same visit saving you a trip to the emergency room. Having an x-ray in our office allows us to check for pneumonias, fractures, constipation and many other problems. If your child needs more advanced diagnostic studies such as an EKG, pulmonary function testing (spirometry) or even blood testing you can get those procedures here. Even skin care procedures such as excisional biopsies, laceration repair (sutures) and more are no problem at Liberty Medical Center. Because of the extensive training Dr. Malisos has had (working thousands of hours in the emergency room and treating critically ill patients) most medical conditions can be treated here so you won’t have to go to an ER for non-life-threatening problems.


More and more parents are switching to Liberty Medical Center for their children’s care. We won’t refuse to see your kids if you decide not to vaccinate your children. This decision should be up to parents and we will always respect that. Parents are impressed about how we embrace natural, holistic medicine, in addition to traditional allopathic Western medicine.

Liberty Medical Center even provides your child’s medications at Liberty Medical Center. If your child has a bacterial bronchitis, we can have the antibiotic they need in your hand in generally less than 1 minute… (Try getting it that fast anywhere else!). Antibiotics, steroid creams and a whole lot more are always in stock. This will save you an unnecessary trip to the drugstore. The best part is that most prescriptions are only $20.

Dr. Malisos is great with kids and looks forward to being your child’s pediatrician today!