Dr. Malisos will treat all of your skin problems – whether you are a newborn or an adult. Acne, Eczema, Ringworm, Rashes and Skin Cancers are just a few of the conditions Dr. Malisos treats every day. We have a range of services to completely treat your specific skin problem and if you live in the Kansas City area, this is the place to come. Cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen and Cantharidin are used to destroy warts and other skin lesions. Infected abscesses are lanced and drained daily and packed with iodoform gauze when needed. We suture/stitch skin lacerations and even offer “liquid sutures” for painlessly closing many cuts and scrapes.

Many dermatologists will simply diagnose skin cancer and refer you to a surgeon to do the actual excision. Here, at Liberty Medical Center, we will diagnose and excise skin cancers, skin tags, worrisome moles or other issues to definitively treat them. Other doctors often use inferior “shave” biopsies that do not completely treat the problem. Dr. Malisos does the preferred complete excisional biopsy. To minimize scarring, the smallest suture thread possible is used (the same type of suture material plastic surgeons use).

We even provide you with most of the medications you need to get better. Liberty Medical Center is a fully-registered pharmacy that stocks steroid creams, anti-fungals for ringworm, antibiotics, and much much more. You can get your prescription before your leave on the same day of your appointment. It usually only takes a minute when you get your prescription here… Try having it done that fast anywhere else!

If something is wrong with your skin and you live close to Kansas City, Liberty Medical Center is the place for you. We look forward to taking care of you!