Allergy Testing & Treatment

Allergies cause many symptoms that are often attributed to other causes. Common allergy symptoms include persistent and recurrent runny nose, itchy or red eyes, sinus congestion and pressure, headaches, and sneezing to name a few. Many people do not realize that testing for allergies is very easy, safe and done right here at Liberty Medical Center.

We test for over 40 different antigens that can cause allergy symptoms. Over 98% of what causes the majority of allergies is identified with a simple allergy skin-prick test that we can perform and read in under 30 minutes. Both adults and children have chronic allergies and allergy symptoms. The only way to know what you are allergic to is to get tested.

For some, simply taking an antihistamine pill every day makes the allergy symptoms bearable. Many others continue to suffer even after taking such over-the-counter medicines.

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